subota, 27. listopada 2012.

Best pet award

Before a couple days i was get a pet award from blog fairy anna.

The rules are:

1.Forward the beautiful pet award picture
2.Answer 10 question!
3. Tag some people with pets,3 of them.


1. How many pets do you have and what are they?

I have a parrot

                                               2.What is their name?
                                                  His name is Đođo
                                               3.How did you get them?
                                                Go to the breeder and buy
                                               4.How old are they?
                                                  2,5 year
                                               5. Their favourite food is?
                                               6.Where are they right now and what are they doing?
                                                In his cage and scream
                                              7. Craziest thing they do?
                                               Eat apple on sister head
                                              8.Worst thing they did so far?
                                               Read question before :)
                                              9.Whait is their favourite thing to do?
                                                Play on us,sending kisses,whistle,kissing swing and bells in cage
                                             10. If they could gosip about you,what would pet said about you?
                                                Possibly that i am crazy,when i teach them to curse,odd artits and careful owner.

I tag:



good ghost

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