ponedjeljak, 31. prosinca 2012.

Happy New Year

My dear readers,followers! This is last post in 2012. I wanna thank you for be with me  all this time.

I was have ups and downs in this year. My computer was broken for 4 month. But you still was with me.

You was click this blog 4.531 time,leave 274 comment(some of them are mine)

I have 62 followers,43 post(including this) in this year.

My dear visitors and readers come from:

Bosnia and Hercegovina
Great Britain

In New year i can promise to you more post,swatches,some tutorial and more give away!


I wish you: health,joy,love, good job,happiness,lots of great makeup,and that every your wish is come true.

See you again in New Year
P.S. This is photo of Split


nedjelja, 30. prosinca 2012.

essence eye base

Hi beauties! Hope you all well. Only one day is share us to New Year. Today i will write about Essence eye base.
Bok ljepotice! Nadam se da ste dobro. Samo jedan dan nas dijeli od Nove godine. Danas ću pisati o Essence bazi za oči.
Essence eye base come in small tube. 
Essencova baza za oči dolazi u maloj tubi.
    Tube have oblique top,with small hole in the middle. Eye base is white color,very light texture and easy to apply. 
I have a greasy eyelid and on curve i alway lose some eyeshadow. Eye base contains 7.3 ml/ 0.24 fl.oz
Exp.date is 6 month after opening. Price is about 20 kn/ 2.65€

Tuba ima kosi vrh sa malom rupicom u sredini. Baza je bijele boje,jako lagane teksture i lako se nanosi. 
Ja imam masne kapke i na pregibu kapaka mi se uvjek izbriše nešto sjenila. Baza za oči sadrži 7.3ml. Rok trajanja je 6 mjeseci nakon otvaranja. Cijena je oko 20kn. 

What eye base do you use?  
Koju bazu za oči vi koriste?

See you you tomorrow on last day of 2012.

Vidimo se sutra zadnjeg dana  2012.

četvrtak, 27. prosinca 2012.

Blog award

Hi beauties! Hope you all well and have a great Christmas with your family.

I was tag from Bitchy Dust  and i need to write 7 things about me.

 1. My real name is Tina. I don't have a middle name. My nick name is Tinchy,Tinchica,Tinchek.
 2. When i was born i didn't have a name for 20 days.
 3. My name is pull out from hat.
 4. I  can't imagine life without my roses and other flowers and my parrot.
 5. I was participate on one beauty pageant before couple years ago.
 6. Same year i was hostess on Split festival.
 7. I love my colleague bloger and you my dear reader. Without you,i wouldn't have my blog.

            I don't like tag people,so take it,play it, and share this award to everyone!


srijeda, 26. prosinca 2012.

and that's who i am

Hi beauties! This post is very popular,a couple of girl have this post,so i was decide to write too.
They say that photos spoke more than 1000 word. This is gonna be the biggest post i ever write. Are you ready?